Different Types of Leagues

2nd year playing fantasy and my buddies and I are looking to spice things up with a side league

We currently play in a full PPR league with 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, Flex (TE, WR, RB), Kicker, and Defense with 6 bench spots. We also do a snake draft and use a reverse order waiver wire.

Does anyone have any recommendations on different types of leagues that you have personally palyed in and/or heard about? We are open to suggestions on changing the draft/waiver method as well as just unique league rules in general (vampire league, IDP league, empire league, etc.).

No rules are too crazy or out there!

if you really wanna change up you can look into the new vampire leagues. They vary on how the rules go but essentially everyone drafts normal but one team. that one team then makes up an entire team off the waiver and anytime they win a matchup they can select any starting player on the other teams roster to take for themselves and give whatever player they want to the team they beat. Havent done it but had a group of friends who seemed to enjoy it

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I found this article that details a couple different types: https://www.liveabout.com/types-of-fantasy-football-leagues-1335391

(IDP, Dynasty, Keeper, Survivor, Auction Draft)

Anyone have other ideas? I had never heard of a survivor league and really like the idea of a Survivor pool (separate prize within a league for the individual that outlasts the others based on weekly points) but not so much a whole league based off of surivorship.

Yeah, a vampire league seems like it’s got the most support of my league members. I feel like the hardest part would be determining who’s the vampire team because everyone will want it lol