Difficult bench decision

Need to bench one guy from the below (standard scoring)

James White
Courtland Sutton
Justin Jackson

Strangely enough I probably have the least confidence in White given the Pats depth at RB.

Feel like Jackson and Sutton have the higher upside. Is my read on this right?

Me and my opponent are projected for basically the same score.

I have to agree with your thoughts on White. Think you’re right concerning Jackson and Sutton. Between those two however, I’m afraid I’m not much help here. Can’t decide between those two.

I need to bench just one of them so you’re agreeing that White is probably the guy? It feels bad but prefer the upside of others

I feel your pain my friend…but…yeah…out of the three…bad as it sounds, If it was my decision…yeah…I’d prob put more stock into Sutton and Jackson at this point than White.

Hate that there haven’t been more replies to this for ya, cuz I’m not an expert here, and prob not the best one to be giving advice. BUT…been kinda quiet here tonight…so…just wanted to reach out and try to offer some kind of feedback to a fellow poster.

Hope maybe it helps…at least a little. LOL

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I’d probably bench white because it’s all or nothing you could be going home out of the playoffs tomorrow night. It takes bold moves. And there’s always Develin…lol

I’m trying to decide between Justin Jackson, Lamar Miller or Ekeler

AND…I don’t do STANDARD SCORING. Haven’t done that in so long, LOL…kinda hard to remember how that works, but…if I remember correctly it’s just a few pts less than PPR. (which is what I do)….even tho it can make a HUGE difference when it comes to WR’s.

Anyway…still hope it helped ….even if just a little buddy!!!

I’m very bullish on Jackson this week so I’d advise the same for you. Thanks heaps for all of the feedback guys

Playing it safe and benching Sutton in the end. Fingers crossed