Difficult QB start decision in championship game

Fellow footclan, I need advice. I made it to the championship game in both of my leagues. In my most important league I’ve started Goff the last two weeks and squeaked by. My delimenea is I’m in a 6pt TD for QB league. My opponent had Cooks & Woods. If I start Goff I neutralize any TDs 2 of his receivers gets. At the same time Goff has really pooped in his big boy pants the last couple weeks.

I have Russell Wilson on the bench going into a juicy matchup against KC at home. Do I start Wilson and shoot for the big game against KC or do I start Goff with the assurance I minimize his receivers? We’re pretty evenly matched teams top to bottom.

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In this scenario, I would start Wilson over Goff. The Rams are going against Arizona, so it’s like he may not have to throw that much. With Seattle going against KC, they are probably going to have to throw slightly more than normal to keep up, and it will likely be a higher scoring game. As you you said, Goff’s been off (heh) lately.


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KC has given up the 2nd most fantasy points to QB’s the last 6 weeks. That + Wilson’s scramble capability + at home he averages 21+ PPG, makes me pick him over Goff easily in your situation. Good luck!

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I agree with this. i feel like the Rams game will be a “get right” game and will be similar to a few years ago when AZ dominated GB and the starters got pulled in the early 3rd quarter.

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