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Diggs and breida for DJohnson


Full PPR which side wins. or fair.


Like most trades, depends on your roster.


FOr now i have theilen, diggs, MVS, baldwin, djax, and sutton

RB fournette, CMC, breida, Chubb

After this trade i Plan to maybe Trade away THeilen for 2 Good WRs. low wr1 or high wr2 kind of combo.


It’s tough having both Thielen and Diggs, but I think you’re paying pretty heavy for a RB you don’t necessarily need with Fournette coming back. Would maybe consider Diggs + Breida for an upgrade at WR tbh. CMC Fournette and Chubb are going to be very serviceable.


They have done will so far in the season. The bye week 10 is rough. I CAN trade DIGGS for EVANS straight up. What you think


That’s a very decent offer that I would heavily consider. I think I’d do it.