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Diggs and McCoy for Freeman and Decker?


12 team ppr. I’ve been trying to sell shady for a while now, but this offer was just thrown at me out of nowhere. I love the addition of freeman but losing Diggs and the big-play potential he carries scares me a bit.

Is this a red herring or am I over thinking this?


Fantasypros have McCoy @ 57 and Diggs @ 18 vs. Freeman @ 52 and Decker @ 6 so I 'd say its a little lopsided. Do they have a better WR than Decker?


I wouldnt… Freeman isn’t exactly the perfect example of consistency… Idk why people don’t think he isn’t TD dependent… he doesn’t get enough volume generally to produce big numbers with stats alone… his point totals so far in half ppr against CHI and GB (not exactly stalwart Ds) without TDs would be 4.9 and 11… he’s going to have weeks where he shits the bed and bombs your team… he did many times last year and everyone ignored those games because he had a few 30 point games and finished like top 6… that being said id rarher have Freeman than Shady right now… but Diggs has huge Upside and is a monster with Bradford healthy… this guy is just trying to exploit 1 bad diggs game against a good defense with the back up QB… and he’s probably going to drop Decker soon since he isn’t even rosterable at this point… so you’re basically trading Shady and Diggs for just freeman… if I were you I’d consider trying to pair a not as great WR with Shady for just Freeman.


Maclin and Fitz but thats about it


I’d say no then… I might do a shady for freeman straight up though, but i’m pretty high on Freeman


Agree with @danielkrieg08. Wouldn’t give up Diggs at arguably his lowest point of the season. Decker is worthless right now unless he proves otherwise. Shady and Freeman are equal according to CBS trade values.