Diggs and Thielen, still relevent?

With Bradford out, officially, will this affect the player around him? Will Diggs and Thielen still be PPR threats or should I consider sitting them? I have them both in two separate leagues in flex positions, would you play them over my currently benched players or swap them out? (Diggs: Hilton, Riddick, or Kamara) (Thielen: Devente Parker, Corey Coleman, or CJ Anderson.)

Also how much does Bradford sitting affect Dalvin Cook?

I’m in the same boat! I have Odell on the bench because I have options that I could play and not worry but now that Biscuit is out idk if I should play Diggs or sit him and take a chance on Cory Davis, Kupp, or Kenny G.

You can still play Diggs & Thielen. People are overreacting a bit to Bradford being out. Yes, it’s a downgrade. But it’s not near as bad as people are making it out to be

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I have CJ Anderson the start over Thielem because Pitt has a much better pass rush than they get credit for and they have made a lot of moves this offseason improving the secondary. I think cook will be there bread and butter today

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Ended up gambling on Thielen, not terribly upset for my flex position. I was, on the other hand expecting a bit more from cook. Hope CJ ends up working out for you better than Thielen did for me.

EDIT: I should have played CJ, lmao