Diggs Conner for Tyreek

Was just offered Tyreek for Diggs and Conner… I want to do this but itll force me to replace Conner with ajayi this week…

M. Gordon
J. Ajayi
J. Conner
D. Lewis


I see Ajayi as being a great RB this year. I’m also high on Ajayi but I can’t see the Eagles not utilizing his talents especially with Sproles out now and Ajayi being more healthy than week 1. I like Conner for what he’s worth though and Diggs didn’t look bad week 1. I don’t see Tyreek having a huge week like that every week. Can’t go wrong either way.

Yeah I actually approached him about Tyreek before week 1 because I was super high on Tyreek coming into the season… then week 1 happened and I backed off bc I wasnt paying the 45 point premium lol… but Im in the camp who thinks Tyreek with Mahomes could be the #1… im also with you on ajayi… not 100% confident but I see the potential and view him as a solid RB2 at worst.

You have a good team. I’d take Tyreek here esp if you’re in a return league.

Play Lewis instead of Ajayi.

Oh man I got him to throw in James White on top of Tyreek lol… it’s full PPR too so I may go White over Lewis if Mariota sits… No Mariota I dont think I can trust the rest of the team against HOU.

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You are eating!!!