Diggs,Ekeler trade value

Diggs-Ekeler for Hopkins or Diggs/Ekeler for Cupp? Separate trade offers. If you’re the Hopkins owner, how close are you to accepting? If you’re the Cupp owner, how close are you to accepting?

As the other owner everything depends on my depth, as a Diggs owner the last three fantasies, you don’t see any consistency with him, one week he might give 1 pt and the next 40 pts but his value might be bigger with Thielen’s status; Ekeler is a different situation, even with Melvin Gordon back his usage is still valuable, what other RBs do you have?

If I played ekeler in my league I would have won, the Pitt game caused concern and not sure how I feel going forward with consistency. Went singletary against Miami thinking they would get more than 7 touches.