Diggs for David Johnson Week 8

My other RBs are Edmonds Chubb Fournette Hunt
WRs are Hopkins McLaurin Alshon Robby and Sanders
Should I take it???

Bumping for any advice

Might do DJ and Mark Andrews Alshon Manny Sanders or Robby for Adams

I wouldn’t with how Diggs has been playing. He was in everyone’s hate list for weeks. Now he’s been blowing up. Cousins just needed to throw the ball.

Wait are you trading for diggs or DJ? Can’t tell by your post.

I’m trading away DJ for Diggs

If you can get it do it

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Would u do it for Chark or stick with Diggs?

My 2 cents are if the two are completely healthy 0 chance I’m taking Diggs over DJ. Not even close. Thielen is suppose to be back next week and as you could tell from the game tonight the Vikings want to run.

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He’s also fumbled a ton lately

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Would you rather hold on to DJ or maybe shoo him to RB needy teams and see what they can offer?

Bumping for advice

Another sad bump