Diggs for DJ

Just wondering if i should try and get DJ. Half point PPR
RB: Gordon, Kerryon, Powell, Wilkins, Penny
WR: Keenan, Diggs, Kupp, Keelan Cole, Baldwin

trade would be Diggs, wilkins for DJ

Should i Pull the trigger or not?

Nah your selling Diggs off a low game and DJ off his best game so far this year. If your gunna sell Diggs do it off a high note to get more value. I don’t think the DJ owner would bite unless they’re absolutely desperate at wr.

yeah im hoping DJ gets more targets especially with Rosen being in there now and Surely they get rid of their OC.

I love Diggs and i know its off a low game but also not happy with my RB2 options. i still think Kerryon wont get the chance to have a big game as they will limit. I love the talent as pretty much everyone does now but Detroit i have no faith in.

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Depends if diggs owner loves him or not, I almost tried to sell dj for diggs because I’m obsessed with diggs but as a fantasy move it’s not really smart lol

Im the Diggs owner and i love him, but i know i need Rb help and the chance is there its a risk just unsure.

I’d rather stash kj I feel Blount is gunna be phased out eventually. And DJ is a big risk even with Rosen. Bears fan here and he looked good until the pressure came and he couldn’t escape the pocket if he cant accurately hit the target while the pocket collapses on him DJ wont produce like you want