Diggs for Jordy

I’m currently 5-3 and trying to make a push for the playoffs. Jordy has been abysmal since Rodgers went down and I feel like Diggs (assuming he’s healthy) could be huge late in the season.

My other WR’s are Tyreek, and Ty Hilton.

Ya if your trading jordy for diggs I’d say it worth a shot

Diggs might be the better choice right now. Yes, Diggs coming off injury is a red flag but he’s shown to have chemistry with Keenum. With Hundley GB might play Lombardi football and run the ball the entire game which would not bode well for Jordy’s fantasy stat line and value. In the small sample size of a world without Rodgers I’d be worried as a Jordy owner.

he countered with Diggs and Abdullah for Jordy and Mack, thoughts?