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Diggs for Montgomery


Full point PPR. 3 WR/ 2RB / 1 Flex. My receivers are Julio, Crabtree, Keenan Allen, Diggs, Thielen, Decker. My RBs are Gordon, CJ Anderson, Doug Martin and Gore. I’m weak at TE with Rudolph and Cook. And I’m good at QB with Alex Smith for now.

I am being offered Montgomery for Diggs. He has Watson at QB and Ertz and Clay at TE. Should I take the Montgomery trade or should I try to make a play for Ertz/Clay or Watson? Or should I leave this trade alone entirely?


I would def trade Diggs or Thielen cuz you’ll rarely if ever start both of them and you’re SOL when they’re both on bye. I would counter with Thielen for Clay or package Diggs and Rudolph for Monty and Ertz. May not bite on the package but it would be an upgrade for you.


If you could pull diggs/Rudolph and gain ertz I think you’d be increasing the fairness of the trade. Diggs looks great, and I was in the same boat having thielen and diggs but traded off thielen for ty.

Idk how I got it but I traded thielen and riddick for ty Monty last week :flushed:


So would you do Diggs for Ty? That all he’s offering. He refuses to part with Ertz, he wouldn’t even do Julio straight up for Ertz?(Not sure if I would do that either)


Yeah, I’d def do Diggs for TY and if he wouldn’t do Julio for Ertz he’s an idiot.