Diggs Injury? Serious or Not?

If Diggs doesn’t play, my next best option is Amari tonight.

Do you risk waiting or plug in Cooper

dunno if this helps or not LOL. He said that before with his ribs. and he missed that week sooo…

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yaa thats what worries me

My #1 rule for Stefon Diggs --> Do not play him if he appears on the injury report at any point during the week. I did the numbers this offseason but when he shows up on the injury report at any time during the week and goes up vs top tier CBs (which gilmore is), he averages like 7 points a game.

When he is healthy and does not appear on the injury report and goes vs softer corners, he averages like 20ppg.

This is a situation where I would avoid playing Diggs. I like him a lot because its easier to predict his good/bad games so you don’t risk him putting up duds when starting. Even if he is active, I would happily bench him for a better option.

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You consider adam humphries or DT better options >? LOL

A Cooper is my only other “better” option, but he has a tough matchup tonight as well.

Cooper’s matchup isn’t that bad. He runs like 30% out of the slot and majority of rest on right side so he’ll see more Eli Apple than Lattimore. Apple has been much better in recent weeks for sure but I think Cooper can definitely beat him.

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Not a good reason, but Im hesitant cause I already have Zeke and MT going tonight. Lot of eggs in a one game.

Also, note, I’m up 40 in a two week first round playoff. So I suppose safer the better…