Diggs & Jeffery for Julio?

.5 PPR

Who Wins This Trade? Why?

JJ wins this by so far I don’t even really know where to start. And I am probably one of the biggest diggs supporters on this forum.

JJ, is realistically the only WR who I think has the best shot at finishing as WR1 this year. He is an absolute stud. Diggs is great but I dont expect him to start every game and Jeffrey is just not very good tbh. He can never stay healthy and even when he’s playing, he’s never 100%. The eagles also use him more as a distraction than as the focal point of the offense. Wentz is good enough to spread the ball around and find the open man. Jeffrey is pretty much a TD or bust receiver. He is not going to get the yardage that allows you to start him comfortable week to week.

With JJ, you basically just lock him in for production and offers the ceiling that wins you weeks by himself.

Great write up, appreciate the explanation. :grin:

Had JJ last year. Very deceptive numbers with that 53 pt game which took some trickery with a Sanu pass. I do recall he missed gobs of practice and it showed because at times he had hoofs for hands. Still though, he’s a steady cog. I would do it. He’s going to get those 5-8 receptions a game no matter what and blow up at least one game to stupid level.

Clarify, I take jj. Diggs is great but at some point Cousins is going to sync with Theilen and will have to with that weak OL.