Diggs + M. Jones for Moore + Cooks

12 team, 0.5 PPR league. Team is 4-4 and one game out of 1st in division (so close race overall). 2-game losing streak that I need to snap.

Give: Stefon Diggs, Marvin Jones
Get: DJ Moore, Brandin Cooks

Rest of my team looks like this -
RBs: Zeke, Javonte, Adrian Peterson, Ingram, Alex Collins, L. Murray
WRs: Diggs, McLaurin, Ridley, Jeudy, E. Sanders, M. Jones, Boyd
TE: Goedert

Intrigued because I think this helps even out volatility but also nervous to be going from Bills offense (though I have Sanders) to Panthers & Texans offenses.

Cooks is definitely an upgrade over Jones. Moore is a downgrade from Diggs based on QB and offensive strength, not talent.

I personally would keep Diggs/Jones.