Diggs on waiver wire!?!

Omg yes. The best part is I drafted him in the 7th round this year, traded him for Baldwin when he got injured…and now he’s (almost) healthy and on waivers. But is it worth it? His schedule is brutal.
And I’m in 1st at 7-2 with a 300 pt lead over another 7-2 team, next 4 teams are 5-4. I’m gunning for wk14 bye since wilson’s My QB, and I have (another) bye-pocolypse this week.
.5 PPR, 12-team league, 4 bench spots, here’s my team:
(2)RBs: Ingram, Ajayi(bye), Martin, Zeke(susp), Alf
(3)WRs: Baldwin, Crabtree(bye), Jordy, Shepard
(1)W/R: Alf Morris
(1)TE: Ertz(bye), V Davis

Do I chance missing out on the playoffs by increasing my odds of losing this week? Is the upside on Diggs worth it given his injury risk and matchups? Who would you drop? Zeke, Alf, Jordy, or Shepard?

Thanks foot clan, you’re doing the Lord’s work out there!