Diggs or Cooks ROS?

Who do you think will be better ROS?

That’s a joke, right? Cooks in all formats. Diggs leads in targets but that means nothing when he goes 8-33-0 in a game where he gets 14 targets against a less than 100% Jets defensive backfield… As a Diggs owner I can’t trade or drop him now; he’s like Cooper in fancy packaging…

I believe Cooks is better ROS as he is always in the game plan on a high powered offense that wants to balance out their game by passing more instead of relying heavily on Gurley (though it happens anyway).

Diggs, if you go back and look usually only does well when the game is a shoot out and Cousins needs to use him downfield. Next game for Diggs is against NO so I think he will be heavily used downfield to keep up.

I’m actually thinking about scooping up Diggs for cheap this week.

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I’ll sell Diggs for a case of Natty Ice…