Diggs or ekeler!

I was offered diggs for ekeler

My team
Rbs: mccaffrey, mixon, ekeler, Kareem hunt, Tyson Williams, Myles gaskin

WR:Lockett, mclauren, claypool, Antonio brown, devonta smith.

For me it seems like a good trade, what do you think??

thats a good offer. I would probably take it so you have some WR insurance in case McLaurin starts to struggle with the back up QB

On paper it is a fair deal for you. Just depends on the other person’s roster make-up and if they can sacrifice a WR1 for a RB1.

I love this deal for you.

Having a top-3 at WR of Diggs/Lockett/Scary to go with the RB you’d still have is a great setup.