Diggs or Evans ROS?

Curious who will do better. Got an offer in full PPR
My Diggs and D-Jax for Evans and JoHo.

I like Diggs. JoHo?

jordan howard. sorry LOL

If you need RB, I think i’d take it. Vikes fan here so slightly biased watching how good Diggs is every single game. But getting Evans and Jordan is great return. Djax is crap with Jameis

im a big on diggs as well.

Diggs > evans ROS.

But adding Howard and Djax swings it more. DJax + Winston = no thanks.

So this becomes almost a Diggs for Evans + Howard which is not really favorable anymore.

would you play djax tthis week? he has a favorable matchup.

TB will be interesting going forward. Winston got to watch what Fitz did and wonder if Winston took notes. Winston and DJax weren’t great last year as a connection. Winston Godwin were solid, Winston and Evans were solid(not Fitz Evans solid though). For TB Evans and Brate are the only 2 I trust this week with Winston. Everything else is a crap shoot until we see how Winston distributes the ball.

I did get a trade offer for djax for marvin jones… should I just take that? LOL

I’d like to wait a week and see what Winston does. TB isn’t even trying to run the ball, so far, which is nice for TB WR. If DJax doesn’t seem to get targets with Winston then I’d pivot to Jones. Det might be rounding in to a balanced interesting team going forward.

thanks for the tip

I would take this.