Diggs or Gibson Keeper question!

I’m in a 2 qb; 2 RB; 2 wR; flex standard scoring….I can keep Diggs for a rnd 5 pick or Mike’s Champion Gibson for a 7th rnd pick?! Thanks foot clan!

Gibson. Diggs loses a lot of value in standard scoring, so I’d rather have the 2 round value.

This is the second time I’ve seen Gibson’s name thrown about concerning a similar dilemma. I personally think it’s a no brainer. I would capitalize on Gibbies value in this years draft and secure him. Diggs had a wonderful year in 2020 that helped solidify him as a “stud” and in slightly different circumstances I may advise you differently but we’re talking about a ‘Bell Cow RB’ in Gibson. He’s responsible for 73% of all RB tds in Washington and has a 55% rushing attempt rate in the back field which will look to go onwards and upwards this year. In short, IT’S GIBBSEASON!


Gibson for sure, Diggs is my guy but with it being a standard league definitely Gibson