Diggs or Moore

Playing for championship and trying to decide between Stefon Diggs (at home against GB) and DJ Moore (@ Indy).
0.5 PPR


Diggs vs GB is tough because their secondary is actually pretty legit. Moore vs Indy is Moore appealing, but with the QB change you have to consider if the target share will be the same, and also the quality of the targets he’ll be receiving with Will Grier at the helm vs Kyle Allen the majority of the season. Diggs is probably safer, and I think their ceilings are fairly similar so I’d probably go with Diggs. It’s a very tough call for me.

@keith_ferguson That has been pretty much my thought process too. I’m leaving ever-so-slightly toward Diggs at the moment. That being said, GB’s secondary makes me a little nervous so I’m torn.
Without a firm argument for one over the other, it’ll will likely be a game time decision that I will change several times on Sunday morning.
Overall, my roster is pretty deep, so I’m feeling fairly good about it either way.