Diggs or Parker rest of season

Have a trade ready and he’s offering me Diggs or Parker, my choice. Which one you guys like more? I feel like both have high upside for the remainder of the season. If it matters I would be giving up Ty Monty and Jordy. Neither of which do I have any faith in rest of season. Thoughts?

I’d prefer Diggs slightly.

That’s a close one. I think by a hair I would have Parker. Parker seems to have a slightly higher floor than Diggs and similar upside. Both also have similar injury risk and similar strength of schedules coming up. Close to a coin flip but gun to my head I’ll take Parker

Parker 100% I don’t think this is as close as others. Diggs cannot stay healthy long enough to pick him over Parker and with similar schedules and projections the choice is clear

Parker isn’t the picture if health himself.