Diggs or Thielen

I have both Diggs and Thielen on my team. It hasn’t been an issue all year but I could really use a RB to make a run at the Title. Who would you rather have on your team rest of season? Diggs or Thielen?

that is a tough one. I have both in different leagues. It depends on who your other receivers are, if your other guys are boom or bust, keep Thielen, if your other guys are consistent, keep diggs. it also depends on the name, you may have an easier time trading DIggs just based on his Name. I should shop both and whoever is willing to give you the better running back take that deal. attempt to package one of them wit ha lower tier running back and go after the guy who has Hunt?

8 man league. My other WR are Dez, Crabtree, Juju, Corey Davis, and Marquis Lee

To me it’s not even a competition. I would much rather have Theilen on my team given that he has a much higher floor, similar ceiling, and isn’t a perpetual injury risk like Diggs has been ever since he has been in the league. Not really even close to me.