Diggs or Woods ROS?

I can trade Diggs for Woods straight up in a standard league and are wondering what you guys think?

Have Kupp on my bench and would be rolling both of them out weekly.

Rest of my team is:

QB: Winston
RB: Mixon, Michel, Fournette,
Bernard, Clement, Collins, K, Johnson, Mack
WR: Allen, Diggs, Kupp
TE: Gronk

So far my trades this season have been Ajayi + Sanders for Michel, OBJ for Allen and DJ for Fournette and Diggs.

I’m also sitting at 4-2 and am looking at my team in the long term.

I personally wouldn’t, that doesn’t leave you in great shape for WRs afterwards.

You already have Kupp out a few weeks with his injury. I would trade a RB or two for another stud WR if I were you to give you some options at WR

No chance I’m trading Diggs for Woods. Diggs is top 10 in targets and catches, just doesn’t have the yards that Theilen has. Woods has less targets and catches with the same TDs and a few more yards. He also competes with more for targets and catches

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And Diggs has way more big play potential than Woods