Diggs owner who do I start?

Diggs owner.

Do I start Boyd at early kickoff against Den/Harris with Driskel at QB or wait and see what Diggs does in pregame and then pivot to Baldwin vs. SF if Diggs can’t go?

This based on recent news that Diggs knee swelled up overnight and he will now have to test it pregame in what was already a tough match up against Patriots/Gilmore.

I’d be choosing one of the others anyway with the Gilmore shadow and his knee swelling but I like Baldwin more in that matchup (unless Sherman is shadowing? If Sherman is shadowing, in his return to seattle, I think I go Boyd but Driskell worries me)

Diggs will probably play. Shame he is so damn injury prone tho

I traded Tate for him so I still ended up getting a good deal since the Eagles trade pretty much torpedoed Golden’s fantasy value, but Diggs has gotten me two huge games and a good game since I got him and has also missed two games. LOL. That’s so typically Diggs.

I would go with Boyd, he won’t get the best db on him because Green is playing

I don’t agree with that. Harris will be in the slot where Boyd usually lines up. That’s their best DB. That’s why I didn’t just instantly go with him and have to consider Baldwin. I still think Boyd is probably the better play. He’s been healthier and I’m not sold on Green being 100% so hopefully he’s out there more as a decoy.

I start Doug in this situation if he sits, I picked up David Moore just to start because Diggs might not play

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I’ve decided that I am rolling with Boyd. It’s close but I think either could vanish in a game so I am going with the assumption Cincy will throw more and Boyd is healthier. That’s all I can do. Baldwin could easily be 3rd or 4th option. I can’t see Boyd being any worse than 3rd. Wilson>Driskel is only real negative outside of matchup.

And Harris is out on the cart with a leg injury.

And now AJ Green is out too.


Team on the right. Bench Keenan for Diggs?

And now Boyd is down. The trifecta! 3 yards short of bonus.