Diggs vs Boyd vs adams

Who do I start at my two wide receiver spots I have stefon diggs Tyler Boyd and devante adams. I have Alvin kamara James white and James Connor starting at my two running back spots and flex.

You’re in a good position! I say Boyd and Adams.
I love Diggs, and I have Diggs but I would rather play those other 2.
Adams…Aaron Rodgers. Enough said.
Boyd- Cinci saw that not targeting him Sunday night destroyed the team’s chances of winning.

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If you’re talking this week alone, I also have Diggs and Boyd. I’m currently playing Diggs and Hilton as my two WRs and considering Chubb over Boyd. I like Boyd but i believe Diggs breaks out of his funk this week.


There is going to be a lot of points in the NO vs MINN game. Im playing diggs

I’d say Diggs and Adams