Diggs vs Freeman

Right now I have Diggs as my flex in a .5 PPR, I have Royce Freeman on my bench and I’m going back and forth on whether I should put freeman as my flex over Diggs. What do you think I should do? Thanks Footclan

Diggs. Not even close.

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It may take a few weeks for Denver to fully-commit to Freeman so expect Booker to be annoying for awhile in terms of stealing carries. But they will in time. Under that scenario, I will always play an RB over a WR in the flex spot unless the receiver’s name is Keenan Allen (not that Allen is ever going to be relegated to a flex spot but you get my point). Cousins and Diggs is a new relationship and while people are hyped about the duo based on the preseason but I’ll remind you that preseason means literally nothing. So with risks on both side, I’d default to the RB and roll with Freeman. GL

And what are you basing your assessment of freeman on if pre-season means nothing?

Except by the time Freeman fully takes over the job, you’ll know what you have with Cousins and Diggs. Both have proven NFL production. Freeman, as much as I like him, does not. Unless Freeman runs away with the job and blows it out of the water, it’s going to be diggs (unless injurred or horrible match up) pretty much every time.

People weren’t hyped on diggs/cousins based on pre-season alone, it’s just the fact that diggs is actually just a great receiver, and now for first time, he get’s a really good QB to pass to him.

Diggs is a great receiver, but so is Thielen and Cousins may latch onto him. It’s going to depend on the defensive coverages obviously. Diggs is also a guy who misses time every year. Freeman blows Booker out of the water on every metric we have for the position. And, historically, RB’s produce with more consistency so unless there is something specifically concerning regarding either side of the equation, it makes sense to me to lean in favor of the runner. Just my opinion mate, OP is free to roll with your advise.

We’re talking about flexing for a game, not a season. You play matchups. Obviously if diggs isn’t healthy you sit him. This is irrelevant when it comes to making the decision op is asking above which is starting or sitting diggs.

Totally agree with you though he blows booker out of the water in every facet of the game. But the old regime seems fixated on booker for some reason. Having faith in a bad coaching staff to play the right player will burn you. So just be wary of it.

I’ve been playing FF since Marshall-Faulk-first-overall was a thing. Since then, I’m hard pressed to recall a time when the Denver backfield wasn’t a complete mess for fantasy production so I have to acknowledge this point. I expect Freeman to end almost 20 years of Bronco RB history but I really shouldn’t.

Hey there was a time where TD killed it, however short lived that may have been…