Diggs, what to do

I am not quite sure what to do with Diggs. I don’t think the Vikings will only pass 10 times each game, but they are clearly wanting to run it more and I think Thielen will get his shots. Right now I have Diggs in my lineup, but should I switch him out for someone else?

I have Diggs as well, have Kupp on my bench and i’m considering playing him over Diggs this week in a potential shootout. Not sure what to do either. With your bench, I’d probably lean towards keeping Diggs in the lineup, unfortunately.

Yeah, I am leaning towards just rolling with him in my lineup and hope things improve. If I had Kupp I might play him too over Diggs. Against the Saints, I feel like the Rams won’t be in a situation running out the clock and Kupp seems to at least get more consistent targets right now compared to Diggs.