Dilemma on who to drop

So before the Shady release, I picked up Devin Singletary as a flier and dropped my kicker.

Now that Week 1 is here, I need to make a move to obtain a kicker. Who should I drop ? 10-team 1QB/3WR/2RB/1TE/1FLEX 0.5 PPR league:

RB: Barkley, Gurley, Carson, Sanders, Royce Freeman, Singletary
WR: Brown, Woods, Anderson, Marvin Jones, Samuel, Pettis

I have 3 players I’m considering dropping - Pettis, Freeman, Singletary. Argument can be made to drop any of these guys and depending on the time of day you ask me, I lean a different way.


I would drop Freeman. I like the upside of Singletary later in the year and I’d like to see what Pettis can do with Jimmy G throwing to him.

I’d drop Pettis. The Niners have a few weapons to share the ball. I see Breida and Kittle being the largest beneficiaries of the passing game.

I’d drop Pettis. He’s far more replaceable. Freeman may clog your bench for awhile but Carson not likely to last the year.