Dion Lewis in Dynasty?

I have Henry in my dynasty league. Been offered Dion Lewis and a mid second round pick in the rookie draft for Juju. I have good wrs so not worried about it. Just wondering if this is enough for juju. Hype seems pretty high and he’s still just 21 years old.

I dont hate it. Gives you depth and your handcuff. Which your handcuff will be a guy you can start too. Juju is hard to figure out. I think he will do really well, but he could be hurt a lot once Ben retires. You might be able to talk him into more. Maybe a first rounder if he has a later pick. Plus if you do have great depth at WR it’s just a good move either way. Can’t have enough running backs imo. I ask for more and settle for the offer if he says no.

I try to never accept the first offer, always try to ask for more; who knows, maybe you could get more. I agree, target a 1st rounder instead and sell JuJu’s age as him being equal to an incoming rookie.

This isn’t even close for me, and I like Lewis as a player.