Dion Lewis on Waivers?

So I’m currently sitting atop my 14 team ppr league (thanks to good ol Todd G), and while my other RB are solid (white & Lindsay, barber and gore as my expendable slots) Dion Lewis is available on our waiver wire. How much is too much for him? For a reference, ito went for 23 last week, and Smallwood went for 33 after the ajayi injury. I’m currently leaning 25, but I’m not sure. Seems like no other rb at his level will pop up, and adding him to my roster could be a game changer. Thoughts?

If it matters to anyone, the rest of my roster is cousins, hill, sanders, Boyd, Allison, Flash, Greg Olsen, Dan Bailey and the eagles & ravens Ds (I know, 2 defenses is awful. But I got the eagles d in a trade for Jamaal Williams instead of dropping him, and had the Ravens for their great game against the titans, just haven’t gotten around to cutting bait yet).