Dion Lewis or Mike Davis?

Need some flex help in a standard scoring league. Dion Lewis vs Pitt. With no Shazier I like the matchup but Burkhead hurts his ceiling
Davis vs Rams. Great matchup in a potential shootout (I also have Russell Wilson) so I feel like I’ll get all the points that Seattle has to offer

Thoughts? I’m leaning Davis

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Thanks for the advice!

Davis on volume

Was trying to make the same call. I even have Wilson as well. I always worry about RBs not getting points in high scoring games but the fact it looks more like a shootout and Davis has the backfield to split with Wilson (:joy:) we should get all the rushing yards.

If I may follow up: what about flexing McKinnon with Minnesota set to dominate? You think it’ll be too much a split backfield?

I never know who to trust in Minnesota. I think Murray is going to have the bigger game there. Are you leaning Davis?

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I am indeed. Workload+shootout=my confidence… think…lol