Diontae and an RB for Ridley?

12 man half ppr Guy with Ridley says hes on the block.

my team
Kamara, Mixon, D. Harris, L. Murray, Eli Mitchell
K. Allen, Diontae, AB, C. Davis, J. Meyers

His Roster
Cook, Jacobs, David Johnson, Mattison, Roundtree
Ridley, Theilen, DJ Moore, Pittman Jr, Watkins (Jeudy on IR)
Jonnu Smith

Hes pretty weak at the rb outside of his top 2 would Harris or mitchell paired with Diontae seem reasonable at all

It feels like Im not giving enough personally but Id love to hear any other thoughts.

Also Theilen would be available but he and Diontae and Allen all have week 7 byes so not trying to get a part of that mess

Depends on how “tilted” the other owner is. Mitchell probably has bigger upside but D. Harris is probably more consistent. If you can get Ridley for Johnson and either Mitchell or Harris, I would definitely do that. Maybe offer Johnson and his choice of Mitchell or Harris.

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Tilted enough to message the entire league saying Ridley and Theilen were available asking around for a solid rb2/3 as part of it

Just dont know if thats enough if I was in his spot. For Theilen I think it would be but thats not my target

I’d offer the Diontae/Mitchell package. Mitchell has the “new car smell,” but that’s not going to last after Sermon starts mixing in–so take advantage of him now and package him for Ridley.

I sent a text over to him to get started seeing what he feels about Ridley

I personally think Ridley will still have a top 5-10 finish with little to no worry and I think id be winning if he takes that. basically 21 faab and Diontae is what Ridley would cost.

I mean Mitchell could surprise and be a stud but I see that at like less that 15% chance

If he wanted Harris instead I start to get a little more hesitant how would you feel about that if that’s the counter that comes back?

I would curse his children to be Josh Gordon owners, and implore the gods to make all of his bowel movements have antlers.

Thats all well and good but is that a no then lol

Starting to second guess how much of an upgrade Ridley is over Diontae but I think thats just to much time spent on it