Diontae Johnson, Antonio Brown, or Deebo Samuel?

Can’t decide who to start

DJ: Will have the volume and probably the safest option, but don’t want the game to be the Najee show.

AB: Could put up a similar performance since they’re playing the falcons but kind of worried some starters just don’t play in the 2nd half since the Bucs will probably be up a good bit.

DS: I think Deebo could have the highest upside with Mostert gone. And the Eagles played the Falcons last week so not sure if their defense is actually solid or not.


Sounds to me like you analyzed the same way I would. But now you have to decide if you want floor or upside with your current matchup vs opponent.

Seems like you drafted well, I have the same problem, hard decisions to make with a solid bench.

If it were me, I would go Johnson.

I think the PIT/LV might be more of a shoot out personally.

When it comes to Bucs WR, I feel it is going to be a crap shoot all season, there is only one ball to go around to all those weapons.

Deebo has amazing talent, but I just like Johnson’s match up better.