Diontae Johnson for Kenny Golladay?

So I really like Diontae Johnson and his season long outlook, but I might have a chance to trade him for Golladay. The injury to Golladay is a thing (I don’t know much about it) and the offense is looking off. Is that because they don’t have Golladay or lack of preseason? Who knows… The question is, is this a snap trade or maybe something that’s more of a wash or a coin flip?

Need opinions. Let me know what you guys and gals think?

As good as Diontae is, I think it’s too hard to pass up a talent like Golladay. Stafford is a slinger, he’s gonna get that ball to Golladay, win or lose.

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I’d tend to agree with @tubbus_maximus. Diontae is excellent, and even as a Steelers fan it’s hard to say that he will continue dominating the target pool with JuJu and Chase Claypool in the mix.

In my opinion, this is a very team-dependent trade. If you want upside I’d go with Diontae, if you need steady points, go Golladay.


Completely agree with B3AMS

The winner of the trade is whoever gets the best player and Golladay is more likely to end up as a top 10 WR than Johnson

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I’m a Steelers fan as well haha. Trying hard to not to be bias. I have Godwin, Ridley, Cooper, Chubb, David Johnson in a 10 man full ppr and I just lost Saquon. I’d honestly love someone a bit more consistent more than a boom-bust player.

That’s actually really solid point that I wasn’t thinking about. Thanks!

Golladay will make your team a juggernaut! hope you can get him, good luck!

I got Golladay guys! Thanks for all the advice. You guys rock!

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