Direction w/ Dynasty team

I need some advice on where to go with this team. 12 team 1/2PPR 1QB
I have a lot of draft capital and 0 RBs, not in a huge hurry to compete this year, but next year for sure.

QB: Herby, Tua, Trask
Rb: sermon, perine, foreman
WR: waddle, D Smith, Elijah Moore, T Marshall, Nico Collins, Renfrow, gage, C Wilson, A Rodgers.
TE: Pitts, Hurst, Pharam

2022: 1.02,1.03,1.04,1.07,1.11,2.02,2.08,2.10
2023: 4 1sts, 2 2nds
2024: 1st, 2nd

Right now I’m thinking of shipping the 1.07 and 1.11 for Godwin.
And trying to acquire Dobbins or Javonte or Etienne
Any advice is welcomed

I would definitely try and get Javonte Williams or Dobbins and try and use this year picks to do so. This year draft doesn’t seem super great but next years draft should be a lot better. So if I were u I would look at trading this years draft pick for young proven players

While I don’t hate the move for Godwin, I really think RB needs to be your primary focus. If you can get Godwin for those two picks, however, I think it’s a great value add…slam dunk…phone it in.

IMO…ideally…I’d really try to move to the top spot in this year’s draft to get Breece Hall. Maybe package your 1.2 & 1.4 for the 1.1. I just think he’s more of a sure thing RB than the next top two, and someone you could build around. Keeping your 1.3 (or 1.4, depending on your trade up package), you’d still be able to get another high value RB (Spiller/Walker) or potentially one the top 3 WRs in this class (Burks/Wilson/London).

I don’t hate the idea of going after one of those RBs you mentioned in a trade too…just be careful not to overpay or use too much of that future draft capital you’e got banked right now. That will be huge in your rebuild…