DirecTV Sunday Ticket co/op?

I’m looking for someone with DirecTV that’s interested in cutting their bill by letting me stream NFL Sunday ticket! If you only watch on your main TV, this deal is for you! DirecTV allows you to watch one channel through your dish (You) while streaming one online (Me!). I will pay you $160 for the season - $10 payable every Saturday for weeks 1-16, PayPal Venmo or Zelle. Heres to Football! Go My Team!

I was thinking about getting it but with over 25% of the games free in HD through an antenna, to include game breaks of all the other games, I can’t justify it. I can totally afford it but I cringe paying a premium for the other 75%. I also bought a Sirius lifetime subscription 10 years ago (they don’t offer it anymore) so I can still listen to every game.

If there is a game I really want to watch, I’ll either head to the local bar and grill or, get a link from a team forum site. Members sometimes will stream it. I’d rather spend that $300 or so hanging out with friends / other fans having a few drinks and a meal.

When I did have the NFL package years ago, there was a bar and grill that served breakfast on SUN with beer specials. I spent more time there than watching my package. It was dirt cheap and and a lot of fun hanging out with NFL fans getting riled up.

anyone out there looking to save $160 on their DirecTV bill?