DIRTY, DIRTY Defence Question

Bonjour from Switerland,

20 Team league; Playoff weeks 15-17; First round bye VERY likley. Have the Rams D for the final week vs the Cardinals. Problem: Rams have the 49ers in week 16.

Play the RAMS D or pick up the MIA or CIN D instead (playing each other)?

BR, Matthias

WAS and CIN are both good Week 16 plays. My model actually projects WAS to be the DST4 that week (it’s all about the matchups). That said, the Rams are projected to be the DST6 despite the matchup with SF, so I probably would just stick with the guys already on my roster in your case. My full DST model through Week 16 is below.

You can checkout all my streaming models (QB, TE, DST) in my Week 12 streaming post here. Comments and feedback welcome. Good luck!

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I dont know where you read something about WAS :slight_smile:
Question was: CIN, MIA or LAR? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
There are no other Ds avalible…

Sorry, my mistake. You probably saw on the model that Miami is not a great play that week, so my choice would be the same: Stick with the Rams.