Dirty trade tactic a.k.a. any edge you can get

Hello fellow footclan! I’ve come up with a trade tactic that might come off as devious but it’s more of a mind**** than anything. I’ve been trying to trade for years. I’m in year 7 of a league that’s had probably 2 trades in it’s existence. We’re all friends so obviously we don’t trust each other as far as any of us could throw Jason. The last 2 weeks I’ve stumbled upon a tactic that landed me an accepted trade (as long as it doesn’t get vetoed). Im trading Robert woods for David Montgomery. Some of you might not agree with the trade but keep in mind I’m stacked at receiver and the bigger point is that TRADES NEVER HAPPEN IN THIS LEAGUE. The way I’ve gone about this is putting woods on my bench. Seemingly nothing is a move really but it affects the psychology. He’s had a down year so far but I look stupid to have him on the bench. I must also be stupid to offer him up in a trade since I have him on the bench. I have faith in Montgomery and can spare woods so don’t look too much into the trade as much as the tactic.

Does anyone else have anything that can seat a trade in your direction?