Disappointed with Sleeper

I manage (2) 10-team leagues for a group of 20 friends. We moved to sleeper this year and we had a lot of issues with the draft. Although I love the draft board view, we had issues with managers that were autodrafting. The clock would run the full 2-min for EVERY pick and then say Times Up! and still not make a selection. I had to force a CPU auto pick every time. We also had issues with a time delay after picks so someone would realize that they were on the clock after 2-3 picks and now only have 1min or less to make a pick. Now I was trying to figure out ways for each of the leagues to be visible to each other and realized that’s not an option. Maybe could be a good feature they add in the future. For now, we are looking at migrating to another platform for the season. I’m disappointed because I had high hopes.

It’s obvious the Ballers have a sponsorship deal with them. Andy has said that they are receptive to feedback and committed to making improvements quickly. Hopefully they will see this comment. Otherwise, I always had the feeling it was an under-developed/rushed product and something like what you’re describing should never have left the alpha/beta development stages. That’s worrisome; reinforces the notion that this was rushed out the door to make the 2019 draft season.

Been there too…a few years ago I joined a league for a friend that was investing in and developing a new platform I won’t name. The first year same exact problems you mentioned in draft. Then throughout the year rosters would freeze, players would go missing and not count and so on. The second year the draft wouldn’t work at all. After attempting to draft 3 separate times we all said F it and moved to Yahoo.

Sleeper is much better than the other platform so I know you’re experience will be different than mine. I thought about switching the two leagues I manage too, but I love yahoo’s mobile platform so I held off. I joined the Megalabowl this year to give it a test run on my own before making everyone move. Good Luck #FOOTCLANTITLE

My first year on Sleeper too, and I have the same issues, but have a couple answers. There is a draft setting where you can turn off the CPU auto pick, and it essentially pauses the draft until you manually pick for that team. It that is on, the CPU will draft after time runs out.

Part 2 - you can manually force the CPU auto pick while the clock is running for an absent team, and it will draft the next queued or ranked player for them. This was confirmed by Sleeper support.

Issue 3 - (also confirmed by support) is that you can’t remove a player from the draft board (e.g. Luck, Miller), and there’s a chance they will be auto-drafted until they fall down the ADP ranks.

Hope this helps.

Correct on all accounts @mhavens . I discovered those as I was trying to keep the draft moving and autodraft “fairly” for others. Definitely not ideal when I was trying to draft my own team! I really like sleeper for the news alerts and mock drafts were awesome. @SaltyGator I also signed up for Megalabowl to test the platform. Guess I got over ambitious with jumping in with 2 new leagues! Anyway, hope this post doesn’t discourage others from the platform. Definitely looks promising and know it will continue to improve. Just wanted to share my experience so people know what to expect.