Discussion - Owning RB backfields

Hey footclan! How do you guys feel about locking up backfields in DYNASTY?

For example, I have Gurley, Mixon, Aaron Jones, and Mack. And my other RBs include John Kelly, Gio Bernard, Jamaal Williams, and I’m debating trying to acquire Jordan Wilkins/Hines.

Is this a good strategy?

I think there are a few ways to look at this, both on your guys listed and in general. In general dynasty, firstly I would draw a line for any backfield as to who is a pure handcuff, who is a value backup with weekly flex appeal or better and who is behind an older vet or a guy who is good not great and on the last year of a deal who is a logical cut to let a cheaper option step in – Hyde and Chubb here…
Of those general splits I’m only really interested in the value backup, example Tevin Coleman to Freeman or Dion Lewis to Henry etc, or the younger guy behind the older vet who is getting say 20% of the touches or more and can’t think of an example right now but last year again DeMarco Murray and Henry spring to mind.
The other factor to add into the mix in my view is durability, looking at guys like Freeman (again), Fournette, Gordon, McKinnon to name a few who do get banged up and miss time as a result. You can’t predict an injury and some people will disagree with this and just say take a handcuff but when you have a history of missed time for injury, especially for the higher-level backs that’s the handcuff I want. I’m not wasting a roster spot for example of Zeke’s handcuff this year or even Bell’s despite all the contract drama and the usage they don’t miss time for injuries so you’re better off getting someone else in.
Speaking to your guys mentioned, I’m not that keen to take Gurley’s handcuff Kelly as he doesn’t miss time and unless you have massive bench space he’s not valuable enough in dynasty for me. Gio and Mixon at the moment is a good idea yes, passing down work, Lewis’ fondness for Gio is enough reason for me, the GB backfield usually the 3 headed monster is one to avoid (i.e Cleveland) but in GB you want a piece of the Rodgers led attack you can’t take all 3 and those two are as good a shout as any, as long as you have Jones I think he’ll be the guy in the end. The Indy backfield is another potential full committee mess but again as it’s Luck and they are short of weapons I’d take a stab on Mack plus either of those guys – I’d prefer to wait until we have a bit more information, but the cost will likely go up on one of them or both if you do.
Bit longwinded but I hope that helps in some way, that’s my view anyway and to be honest there are a few I would be interested in locking up if they fell to me in a draft or the price was right in a trade but I’m not going out of my way to pair all my RB’s up just because in most cases you are wait for an injury which will inevitably cost you else where on the roster. Stick with the guys that will be used right now (Coleman etc) or maybe a rookie that will take a year (Chubb).

Great insight. It’s funny you mention the injury prone RBs because I also have Justin Jackson (Gordons handcuff) and Corey Grant (Fournettes handcuff). I was hoping to use them to acquire Hines and Wilkins because I am about to acquire Marlon Mack. I wasn’t sure if that’s the right move, or if I should keep Jackson and Grant in case their RB mate gets injured.

So in essence I would have the Green Bay, Indy, Rams and Bengals RBs.

Is this for Dynasty or for redraft? In redraft, I never draft handcuffs cause it limits my teams upside. Only time i get handcuffs is closer to playoffs when team is all but locked up.

Only exception is I draft other teams handcuffs cause it their RB goes down, then I get great upside and if they dont go down, then you have a trading chip.

This is dynasty!

Yeah if it’s dynasty and deep roster (25+), i got no issues with locking up backfields. But instead of drafitng handcuffs, I’d be fine with owning backfields where all guys participate in a committee where no true star has emerged. I.e. Jones/Williams/TyMont or Ajayi/Clement/smallwood.

Rather than have like Bell and James connor for example where you’re banking on an injury to have a starting player. Only exception is I do love John Kelly so if you’re a gurley owner, wouldn’t mind having him at all.

Agree mostly with what @James89 said above. I general, I don’t want to the handcuffs that don’t have clear path to touches just because they are listed as the backup.


I think I’d rather have a couple of pieces of the Indy backfield, Mack and one of those guys (i’d have to research a lot more before i could say who though) as long as you get guys that can be true dual threat or at least pass catching as Indy’s defense will be bad again most likely so they’ll be in pass heavy game script a lot.

Nothing wrong with Justin Jackson though if you can’t get a swap done, i think he’ll get valuable touches and who knows if they don’t re-sign Gordon he could be a starter in a couple of years, or majority time share guy.

I like getting shares in Indy, GB for sure and the rest if you can’t get someone like a Cohen, Clement etc i’d be happy with Gio/Mixon as well as both will get enough touches to be of value

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