Discussion: Who are your favorite buylow canadiates to trade for in Dynasty?

Missing fantasy football… Discussion time! What players are your favorite candidates to buylow on in a dynasty league? Or guys you’re trying to acquire via trade for pennies off the dollar?

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I think Corey Davis might be someone to pursue. Lot of hype last year, then injury and Mariota inconsistency made his shine a little dull. With a healthy Mariota and new OC, I think he has that upside.

Mike Williams can probably be bought for stupid cheap right now as well, though his path is a little blocked.

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These are people I like:

Jordan Mathews - coming off hurt year but is still young and I think skilled
TY Hilton - obvious talent but lacked a QB and Creative Scheme
John Ross - fast and could it get any worse? Can get him as a throw in sometimes.
Julian Edelman - older and risky but on the patriots and talented.
Demaryius Thomas
Quincy Enunwa - showed talent and will have opportunity. Should be cheap.
Tyreek Hill - may not get people to bite, but some are scared by the Watkins signing.
Pierre Garcon - older but will bounce back with Jimmy G!
Cameron Meredith - skilled and forgotten about. Still young