Disgusted with my league mate. This trade

So this just happened in my league. The guy trading away kelce is 4-0. What the hell are some people thinking !?

No veto power?

No veto power, I don’t feel there should be any power to veto. It’s a bad trade but if he thinks it’s good for his team he should have the right to make it. Unless there is intention to ruin the leagues integrity or direct cheating with trades nobody should have the right to veto.

You can’t veto this trade.

I’m assuming “daddy’s escorts” must be extremely weak on RB and “Juice” sold the upside of Mike Davis and AP.

I probably would never accept this trade, but sold the right way I can understand why it was accepted kind of. Mike Davis came off an incredible week, and AP did the same thing before the bye.

Not every fantasy player is as smart as you, some get easily sold on upside of players and are very reactionary. This is exactly what this trade looks like. Not a trade I would take, but once again the guy is probably really weak on RB.

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