Dissley or Andrews?

Idk which to start Dissley could have a huge week against Arizona but Andrews is now active.
I’m leaning towards starting Dissley because my opponent has Wilson so if he gets a touchdown to Dissley we will both get points

Tough call, unanimous decision by the guys is dissly. The touchdown for dissly is gonna be worth 6pts and only 4pts to Wilson if it’s a 4pt QB td league

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@josh_slighter it would be 6 for each but depending on the yards plus reception could be more than 7

Other thing to consider, Carson and Lockett also on the field. Seattle expected to through less. So hoping the touchdown goes to dissly to counter could be risky. I do like dissly in the matchup. But I am a Seattle fan. What’s the team need? Is Andrews gonna be the safer floor? Or do u need upside? Then dissly

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I’m projected to lose so I’m going for the upside @josh_slighter

Man tough call

Andrews is ranked 4 and dissly 7.

As I’m working this out with you I’m starting to tilt lol. Mike what day you?