Dissly's Trade Value?

Full PPR
I have Kittle, so no need for Dissly. There are ofcourse plenty of teams that need a top 5 TE. What’s a reasonable asking price for him? I’m specifically in the market for RBs

maybe trying for Lindsey or Tevin Coleman

what do you think of this TE trade?

I would see if you could entice your resident Lev Bell owner to trade him away. This depends on their TE situation, of course. Now’s a good time to buy-low on him though.

I had Kittle and Dissly also. I just moved Dissly for Emmanuelle Sanders. If you are in a 10 team league its likely that there is only 1 team that needs a TE, so finding the right team and then trying to pick the best player on their bench is likely the best strategy.

12 team, so a little thinner on TE. Plus Engram out, Andrews, Waller, and Hockensen falling, Howard sucks. So there’s a good 3-5 teams that definitely need a boost

I was just eyeing the Bell owner actually. Especially becuase he also has OBJ who’s low, so I could throw in a WR to sweeten the deaL

That’s not bad, but I’m pretty set at WR. Looking to get a RB (Barkley and Montgomery owner). Can throw in a WR (Green, Tate) to reach for an RB 1

If you can secure the other trade to replace Terry, then that’s not bad. But Terry is a WR2, holds more value than Oslen. If they both go thru and you’re set at TE and WR tho, go for it

You’re going to need offer a hell of a lot more than Dissly, Geen, and Tate for Saquon. You might be able to get Montgomery with that price but I’m not sure if he’s going to break out this year with how poor the Bear’s offense has been performing.

No I mean I have Barkley and Montgomery, so I’m looking for RB help. Put in offers for Bell and Freeman so far. I have those WRs to sweeten up a deal for a high end RB along with Dissly

My fault, I understand you now. If you can get Bell or Freeman without giving up too much alongside Dissly, then you’ll boost your team considerably.

Yeah, RB is really where I need to strengthen up. WR I have Julio, McLauren, M Brown, AJ Green, A. Tate, and Westbrook. So I’m fine giving up some of that depth to secure an RB1/2

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