Ditch Allen for Jeudy?

12 team PPR keeper league. I don’t have picks in rounds 3, 4, or 9 this year, and my 5th rounder is being used to keep Antonio Gibson.

My other keeper was pretty locked in as Josh Allen for my 14th round pick. But I’m really, really into Jerry Jeudy this year and can keep him for my 10th round pick. The earliest I could draft him is round six, and I’m all but certain that he’ll be gone before I pick.

So… Allen is amazing value, but does it make any sense to cut him loose and keep Jeudy? I’d be looking late round QB, probably Tua, Fitzmagic, and/or a rookie.

Not sure what your attraction is to Jeudy that makes him more special than any other 8th round WR, but keeping him for a 10th isn’t any particular value. Allen in the 14th is WAY below his 3rd-4th round ADP.

I mean for starters his ADP is middle of the sixth and only going up. With my missing picks, I’m particularly looking for high upside, breakout, sleeper, whatever you want to call it. He fits the mold of a breakout wide receiver, particularly if you look at the trends identified by JJ Zachariason over at numberfire. All things considered, I think he can take a huge step forward and be a top 15, if not top 12, WR, at which point his keeper value for the 2022 season would be even better than it is now.

I guess I don’t know what site you’re using, but I use RTSports ADPs, where Jeudy has an ADP of 88.47, or pick 8.04 in a 12 team draft.

I also don’t know if you’re aware, but his QB is currently Teddy Bridgewater, and may end up being Drew Lock at some point.

There are plenty of other 6th round WRs that have much better floors and ceilings, like Aiyuk, Thielen, Golladay…

No doubt to keep Allen. Think of it like this… would you rather lose a match knowing you could have had Allen in the 14th (adp 4-5th round) or Juedy (adp 7-9th round)?

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I know what you’re saying about Jeudy but you have Josh Allen practically for free.