Divisional Predictions: Sunday Edition!

Welp yesterday could not have gone worse, but I strive on with full confidence! Saints for sure getting the win. And while I hate it, I have to take the Chargers. They’re just better on paper and they’ve been road warriors all year. Saints by 7 and Chargers by 3

I was actually THRILLED with yesterday’s results personally. I hate the Cowboys, and between KC and INDY, I prefer KC.

As for today’s game, hoping like the hell Rivers can pull this one off. CAN’T STAND the PATS!!! Unfortunately, not able to watch the game as the snowstorm knocked out some of our reception. Will be able to watch the N.O. game tho, and rooting for Brees in that one. Soo…just glad it was the N.E. game out of the two that I got screwed out of watching. LOL

The only thing I really might regret about not being able to watch the game is possibly getting to see Tom Brady’s face if Rivers pulls off the win. :rofl: