Divisions in 10 man leagues

Do you guys usually go with divisions in your 10 man leagues or do you just run it as one whole Division? I have always ran my league as one whole division, that way that you don’t get screwed over if you did really well, but just so happened to get stuck in the bad division… What are your guys’s thoughts on this?

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13 week regular season, 2 divisions, 6 teams make playoffs, top 2 teams get a 1st round bye even if in the same division. Each team plays division teams twice & out of division teams once. Works perfect.

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That’s how I work my 10 team leagues. Best way to go. Except I give Div Winners seeds 1 & 2.

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I like this idea… How do you randomize who is in each division??

We did it old school when we started divisions, drawing the 10 teams out of a hat with the first 5 in one division and the second five in the other. Each year we randomize the schedule using http://schedules.footballguys.com

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I’m the commissioner of a 10 team, 2 division league. We separated the divisions by location. We have 5 managers in SoCal and 5 in the Pacific NW; so it was pretty easy.