Dixon or Edwards

I have both of these guys, which one would yall start? Need your help please.

I like Dixon. He’s getting the goal line touches and the pass catching duties so I see him having more upside here. Harbaugh also really really really likes Dixon for some reason. It’s always the same story with him. 1. Rb emerges, 2. Dixon comes back from injury and starts to get more and more work leading to lead duties, 3. Dixon gets injured, 4. Go back to 1.

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If it’s ppr: Dixon

Standard: probably still Dixon lol

its a standard league, I also have melvin gordon too, but he prolly wont play so i could stack both of these rbs, what do yall think of that?

Dang you could do that… sucks trying to predict how harbaugh is going to split the work. Any other options for you at RB?

I guess if you need a safe floor, stacking the 2 might be okay.

I have 4 rbs on my team and can play 3, so i have Mixon, Edwards, Dixon, and Gordon. I needs yalls help.