DJ and Cook owner in need of help!

Should I trade D. Murray and A. Cooper for J. Ajayi and T. Pryor?

My other RBs are Hunt, Fournette and D. Henry

My other WRs are AJ Green and Alshon J.

Thanks Footclan!!

I could also ask for TY Hilton over Pryor

Get TY and ajayi and I think you will be solid in a couple weeks

Absolutely go for it.

@Fr0sty11 @RyanDelaney So I ended up trading Alshon, Murray and D. Henry for Ajayi and TY. Thoughts?

@rneal11 very sexy… That trade might not do well the next week or 2 as mia needs to figure out there offence and until luck gets back ty is hit and miss.

But over the entire season I think you made a good trade

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